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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Well I have been pleasantly surprised with an award for having a brilliant blog!  

Thank you Jennifer at HomeMattersMost I'm really touched!  

So I now have to pass this award onto seven other bloggers who have inspired me.  Of course Jennifer would be on my list if she could be, but she can't. So I'm going to give her a 'Special Award', for making me so happy, instead!

In alphabetical order, these are my top blogs:

Drum roll please...

Nikki in New Zealand was my main inspiration for keeping a journal of our journey.  She is so down to earth and easy going, I really look forward to reading her updates.  Informative and practical news and views on the ups and downs of self sufficiency.  If Nikki wasn't 12,000 miles away I'd invite her round for a cup of homegrown herb tea to congratulate her! 

Julia in Australia really inspires me because she doesn't try to be a 'know it all'.  She knows a lot about ayurveda, but she is always aware that a tradition that goes back thousands of years can never be fully researched in a lifetime.  Having said that, she does her very best to find out everything she can and this shows in her 'love to learn' approach.  A refreshing blog, ideal information for my research in self sufficiency in India.  Thanks Julia!

I have only just stumbled upon Zoras blog (from the West coast of somewhere!) I'll be dropping by more frequently now and trying to catch up.  So far I can really relate to Zora, as she is a homely mother who likes to grow.  Zora's been meandering down that 'path to freedom' in a round about way, picking up toys and underpants along the way no doubt!  Lovely photos! That really attracts me to a blog too.... great one Zora!

India Garden
What an inspiration!  A beautiful garden in India and a beautiful little gardener to help.  Green Thumb in Uttar Pradesh, India just gives me 'Hope and pictures to dream about'. One day maybe I'll have a garden like that - here's to dreaming!
A masala of magic!  Recipes, photos and musings... never a dull moment from Bee and Jai. Dedicated to everyone in the world who is battling Leukemia, their site is about 'commitment to a natural, healthier lifestyle, and to a less toxic world'. Wonderful, exhilarating and passionate!

The Cottage Smallholder
Fiona from a beautiful cottage in the English countryside is living the 'good life' with Danny. A beautiful diary of good old fashioned, how it used to be, self sufficiency.  Hats off to you Fiona for a fantastic, contemplative look into your busy life.

Crazy Mumma Julie in Australia always gives me a laugh! Never a dull moment, she's a buzy bee, obsessive about seed catalogues and 'to do lists', highly amusing, self sustaining... a super woman!!  

...Thanks to all of you a million kisses, may you all be teaching me something new for years to come...


bee said...

congrats, emma, and thank you. that's a gorgeous list of blogs will check them out.

Jennifer said...

So now you've got a brillant blog award, you can't even think about hitting that 'delete' button!

Don't be afraid to set small goals towards your move and letting the world know about them.


Crazy Mumma said...

Aww thanks :-) And congrats to you for receiving the award in the first place, you *do* have a great blog. I'm off to check out your links now, the ones I don't already read sound fabulous!

Cheers, Julie

Julia said...

Thanks Emma, it's nice to read your take on my blog-you really seem to get what I'm on about! I shall certainly hve a look around your blog too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog through Sharon at Finding Simplicity. Its wonderful!

-We also live about 5 miles away from each other :)

Nikki said...

Thanks Emma! Your blog is lovely and it's cool to see someone fresh and new to this journey and seeing the joy as you get into it.

zora naki said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! I find your blog very thoughtful and thought-provoking. I'll be back...