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Sunday, 27 July 2008

We're not quite at the fully home grown meal stage yet... well far from it really!  

But with inspiration from Jugalbandi and Andrea's Recipes 'Grow Your Own Event' I decided to 'harvest' a couple of courgettes and put them to good use in a vegetable bhaji.  I chopped and
 my husband cooked and teamwork made this wonderful supper for the two of us!

So here it is.  The recipe is 'off the top of our heads', but 
the idea came from a Punjabi Dhaba in Bombay, where they make the best ever sabji.

Quantities subject to how much you like each vegetable in order of preference!



Baby Corn
Courgette (Homegrown!)
Ghee (or oil)
Cumin (seed or powder)
Coriander (seed or powder)
Salt and black pepper


In a large wok or pan, heat the ghee and add the onions to fry on medium heat. Add the spices then the vegetables in cooking order. Cook over a moderate heat for 20 minutes. Stir
 occasionally. The vegetables should not be over cooked and should retain its crispness when bitten. Remove from the heat, sprinkle with salt and serve with rice, chapatis or parathas . (Method adapted from Wikipedia 'sabji' entry)


Andrea's Recipes (Grow Your Own) said...

This sounds really good! I like the blend of spices, and I would want to throw in a lot of courgette! Thanks for joining us in Grow Your Own!

emmani said...

Thanks Andrea...Such a great event to be a part of, I look forward to being a part of a few more in the future... dependent on my crops!

Anonymous said...

dhaba food is the best! wonderful dish. i am getting oodles of squash. although slightly different, will try your sabzi with that. your daughter is very cute!


Cottage Smallholder said...

This sounds and looks wonderful, can't wait to try it!

Thanks for sharing

zlamushka said...

This is such a lovely dish, makes me wonder, when will I ever be able to grow my own veggies in this big city of Copenhagen in my little tiny flat... Fresh zucchini, Home-grown thingies ROCK!
I am happy to discover your blog. I came here through Jugalbandi, as I am featuring their blog in this month´s Tried And Tasted, I hope you are participating.

Btw. I love the pic of you with your family. You guys looks soooo happy :-)

emmani said...

Hi zlamushka,
Thank you...
Maybe zucchini would be quite difficult, I have mine in pots and they're getting too big now, the zucchini don't grow very big. Lettuce (baby leaf), rocket and herbs would be good for you, they are soooo simple. Sprinkle a few seeds into the pot and voila! freshly grown salads. Keep sowing every three weeks for a continuous supply.
I'll definitely be taking part in the t and t...
Take care