A Far from Ethical Dinner

Sunday, 13 July 2008

My vegetable garden is nowhere near harvest because I sowed my seeds in early June, but last night I did eat my first ever homegrown produce!  We had a baby leaf herb salad (mixed lettuce/rocket/coriander/mint) to accompany our half price, reduced, Lamb chops with African spices and left over cous cous from my organic rainbow chard and mushroom stir fry on Friday.

I had bought some reduced organic strawberries too and so ended up using the reduced to £1 cream I have been keeping to make butter.  But then I still haven't sourced a big enough jar to shake it in!


I'm finding it a struggle at the moment to keep to my ethical shopping list.  I'm sure everyone is feeling the food cost inflation as prices rocket from ridiculous to absurd.  I can't afford organic everything at sometimes double the cost and my families healthy diet goes out the window when all we can afford is 'Tesco Value'.  When faced with organic local butter at £1.55 or Tesco Value at 85p, my morals are flying through the window in the path of the food price rocket!

I want to buy only 'whole' foods, nothing added and nothing taken away.  Preferably organic and local.  I feel my choices have been sabotaged beyond repair because of the supermarket world we live in now,  but the dilemma is, when you can't even afford to buy your basic foods, it's back to the devil to buy what you can afford.   We rarely eat meat anymore, which I don't mind so much, but my husband has "never looked for vegetables!"  I feel my duty as mother and wife to provide healthy meals for my family, with my husbands hard earned cash is being compromised on a very basic level.

On another level I feel extremely lucky to have food on my plate.

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