Lemon Balm Iced Tea

Monday, 28 July 2008

Before I set out with the scissors to snip my rather sad looking Lemon Balm leaves, I thought I'd Google Lemon Balm Iced Tea first to see if there was anyone out there who had thought of it...  I'm also waiting for the ice to set because I'd forgotten I'd used it all yesterday to keep the beers cool!

Lemon Balm Iced Tea Traditional Recipe...

Well back in the good old Victorian days, when women had nothing better to do with themselves, apart from hold tea parties, lemon balm tea seems to have been on the tea party menu.  Thanks 'Victorian Rituals' for this recipe.

Lemon Balm Uses...

Brenda from 'The Garden Path' has some wonderful ideas on how to use Lemon Balm...

Lemon Balm Ice Cream...

Wow... this looks absolutely gorgeous.

Lemon Balm Lemonade...

Another refreshing alternative from 'Glass Slipper Baking'

And last but not least, I know someone who's gonna love this!

Lemon Balm Mojitos...

From 'Gardenopolis'  
I love it when you stumble across a nice blog when you're out there Googling... in the name of research!

This looks like a great way to disguise your midsummer party by using the excuse of 'Experiments in Homesteading'!  And look Nikki, there's even a few raspberries floating on top!


So here is my recipe..

Lemon Balm Leaves (half chopped, half for garnish)
Mint Leaves (a few chopped and a few for garnish)
Frozen Raspberries
Brown Sugar
Lots of Ice
Boiling Water

Chop the leaves using a bit of Brown Sugar on the chopping board to bring out the flavour of the Lemon Balm.

In a large jug, pour boiling water over the chopped leaves (add sugar to taste)

Leave to cool in the fridge.

Top up with as many ice cubes as you like.

Throw in a handful of Frozen Raspberries (and a shot of vodka if you like!)

Garnish with leaves.

Sit in the garden, without a care in the world.
Slowly sip your glass of refreshing Iced tea.
Contemplate your next exciting 'Experiment in Homesteading'


Talking of beer... there was a full bottle of flat beer leftover from lunch yesterday and the resourceful, recycle, reuse mind started to tick. Now these are the uses for flat beer that I've heard of; 

* Beer Batter, but we don't have any fish and I'm not into Tempura Veg.
* Beer bread, a possibility.
* Beer Shampoo, might give this one a go, it's the least time consuming.
* Beer Polish, supposed to be great on furniture, may leave your living room smelling like a pub!
* Beer Washing up liquid, I just discovered this myself!  When pouring the remaining beer into one bottle, it overflowed so I quickly moved it over the dish I had used to roast the Lamb.  When I went back to the pan to wash it up, the grease had gone!  A quick rinse under the tap and it was spotlessly clean.  


bee said...

beer bread is fantastic. we hav a couple of recipes on our site. i'd read of a lemn balm cheesecake, and a lemon balm lemon sorbet. the iced tea looks delicious. we've killed our lemon balm, but we ha e lemon- thyme and lemon basil. those should work.

emmani said...

OOhh... any cheesecake sounds good to me! I didn't get round to using the beer yet, so I hope you can make beer bread when it's flat, otherwise I'll have to throw it over my head!

zora naki said...

Love the picture - gorgeous!
thanks for the link ;)

Nikki said...

Mmmm, your lemon balm iced tea looks good! Might need to grow my own raspberries I think, love them!