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Friday, 1 August 2008

Okarey-af, Afar region, Ethiopia

'Unda Awka had been slipping in and out of consciousness through lack of food. 
Maalika, Australian nurse Valerie Browning, says: “She probably had two days to live – it’s simply a food problem – she needs to eat.” Maalika was able to give her two cups of baby food – enough to give her enough energy to sit up and regain consciousness.'

Photograph: Nick Danziger/Oxfam

The full Guardian story can be read here


I have just been sitting here with my coffee, catching up on a few bookmarks, with a few thoughts drifting slowly through my mind.
What shall I get on with today? - Will I get round to going to the supermarket? - Will I stick to my list? 
Penny pinching - Price hikes - Petrol - Peak Oil
Tesco Finest to Tesco Value

Does any of it really matter?
We can't even feed the people in the world who really matter.
The elders, the people who teach us the values of life, who nurture us, feed us, protect us...
The children, who make us smile, need us, can't survive without us, are our future...

When will the 'People in Power' wake up from their peaceful dreams and stop the hunger?

How simple is this message?
Why doesn't anyone listen anymore?
 What can I do?
What can you do?


This is what I do everyday... it's only a drop in the ocean, 
but if I can get you to do it too, we can fill a glass together.


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