Washing Powder Doesn't Grow on Trees...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

(Thanks Saheli)

I just realised that I don't know how we will wash our clothes in India. The usual laundry method will result in lovely fresh pressed clothes at a bargain price, but not exactly on the eco path of ours. Washing powders along with everything else are largely sold in never ending sizes of plastic sachet which unfortunately often end up blowing around in the breeze before they float down the river. So with the chemicals they contain and the plastic they come in, a natural substitute had to be found...

Soap nuts! Sapindus...

I discovered the most natural washing product in the world, whilst writing this post. So I guess with a bit of asking around at the local dukaan, I should be able to source some. Maybe I should give them a go before hand and try doing some washing in a bucket!

Back up to the claims of a miracle laundry product can be found at:

Oh and I'm glad I decided to give the nopooing a go before we leave...

I just washed my hair with a mix of 2 parts Shikakai, 1 part Amla and 1 part Neem... I don't really like the way my hair feels, maybe I didn't wash it out enough, maybe because I made the paste a bit thicker this time. I'll give it another go with a runnier mix and wash it out more thoroughly next time. If my hair still feels icky then I'll try without neem, then without amla.

Amla is said to make your hair lose it's red tones, which is a good thing for me because I'm trying to grow out all the chemicals I've saturated my hair with in the past, leaving it a bit coppery. So the more brown the better.

Neem is said to leave a slight tinge of green on fairer hair, which is quite scary, so I hope to God I don't end up looking like an Oompa loompa

I really was impressed by the Shikakai, so I will be sticking to it.  I heard screams from the bathroom last night when my husband realised I had given away our shampoo and conditioner!

I feel cleansed in every way now!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

What a neat post!
Thought the ending was funny too :0)