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Saturday, 20 September 2008

I guess we have all given up buying bottled water by now?

Well just in case you are caught short (not very likely I know, who would refuse you a glass of water? (and that's not a rhetorical question) bear in mind there is one bottle of water you can buy without any guilt, as long as you recycle the bottle!)

Trying to change the lives of a billion people?

"1 billion people without clean water, 2 million deaths each year, but did you know that the bigger problem is actually that people spend an average of 5 hours a day walking to collect water? That's around 40 billion hours a year. Imagine what your day would be like if you spent 5 hours walking to your local shop for a drink. Wouldn't get much done would you? It's the same in developing countries. Kids don't go to school and adults can't look after their crops or families properly.

We could have sat on our backsides and done nothing, but we've seen the impact of a little bit of money used in the right way – which is why we launched One. We always said that if we could get just one bottle produced, or change just one life it would have been worth it. But with your help we've already done much better than that.

All of One water's profilts are used to install PlayPump® water systems in villages. PlayPumps® are roundabout powered water pumps. As kids play, clean water is pumped out of the ground into storage tanks for use by the community. So not only do people get clean water, but because it's readily available it means time isn't wasted collecting water - and that's great because the kids go to school to get an education and the adults look after their crops and families."

Volunteer on a water communitychallenge project in South Africa

"Due to overwhelming interest in our work in Africa, we've now teamed up with communitychallenge to launch volunteering projects - If you would like to make a difference and are up for a challenge then you may be interested in raising the funds to build a PlayPump® and then joining a small team to take part in a 9 day community project to help develop the basic infrastructure of a community in need. You could be building toilets, planting a vegetable garden, building a kitchen, or repairing classrooms. Whatever work you do, no specific skills are required, just the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference! You can be sure that you will be making a huge difference to the community.

If you'd like more information about this project please visit the '
Community Challenge' website...

Jade: Take note!! I'll come!


Frugal Trenches said...

OOOhh I'd love to do this....

hhmm..... a PF/Frugal UK blogger volunteer mission? ha

Re vegan, amazed it isn't recognized. Baa humbug! Sadly, just shows the nature of the ignoranace :0)

Yes, still vegan!

Will you be in India by 09?

emmani said...

That sounds fab...I'm in, but it may have to be in a few years, not months! Unless you can pick a good causein India, there's plenty of those! One thing I'd like to get involved in is

Yes we shall be in India by the end of October this year, not long now..

Well done on staying vegan through your tough weeks!

Lizzie said...

Hi Emmani
Excellent. I have never heard of this. I am wondering if I can put it forward as a charity at my work.

Jade of the Jungle said...

Ooooooooooh!!!! Just having a quick scan of blogs this avo as am about to pop out but I love the sound of this! Have a draft post about just this very thing which I'll finish tomorrow.