Bombay Bizarre...

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Just a quick and sneaky post.. I'm at a friends in Bombay and he's got broadband!

I'm missing reading all my daily blogs sooo much, I'm doing a quick scan through on the reader, but it's not the same. To be honest it's nice to be away from the net, but I feel like I've lost touch with friends...

So a few 'must comment' messages...

a piece of wood... what can I say? I'm truly sorry... I've been thinking of you.

Jade... I'm jumping with joy too, but I'm sad you're not coming to India. I wish I could join you x

Jack... Just wonderful!  Simplicity is coming soon... 

notes from the frugal trenches... what a great idea, inspirational, I wish you all the luck in the world!

I was working on a post offline outlining the story so far, but to be honest it's just a mix of chilling and meeting friends and family, in between the bureaucratic, corrupted, duplicate and triplicate paperwork of India, long train journeys and wonderful rickshaw rides!

I'm pleased to say that I've seen many examples of India's move towards a 'greener' lifestyle. Very surprising, considering I didn't even think that the issue would have much importance here...

* Petrol billboards with 'It won't last forever' type slogans and 'think before you fill'

* Messages on water bottles stating the companies green mission

* News channel 'pledge to go green' for viewers by text and email

* City Metro line construction, advertising 'green environmentally friendly construction and a 'greener way to travel with less pollution'

Even with all the stress and hassle and long journeys, we are just happy to be here. We haven't even had an argument since our little disagreement over 'what is cheap whisky?' in the duty free!

I'm just enjoying the chaos and calm, the colours and smells and the disorganized way that everything seems to run so smoothly.

I'm putting my future in the hands of one of the many Gods and taking deep breaths of fire crackers, incense and the occasional whiff of rotting vegetables being snacked on by a holy cow!

For now all we can do is sit back, relax and celebrate Diwali in all it's glory!


Jade of the Jungle said...

Oh, so good to hear from you!! Sounds like you're settling in fabulously, can't wait to hear more. Angel looks so happy! I bet you're just thrilled!

Thanks for the comment - you never know, I need to go to SE Asia so a stopover in India might be on the cards :) That's the beauty of it, I'll be a completely free agent!

Much love to you & your family

J x

Anonymous said...

Oh it is soooo fabulous to see you posting, especially to hear that things are going so well!

Thanks for the good luck wish.

We all miss you soooo much!

Kel said...

great to hear all is going so well. been wondering how you were all getting on; isnt blogland weird that way? keep enjoying yourselves.

Anonymous said...

it is so fabulous to see you posting.
keep enjoying yourselves.