...And Then There Was Light

Friday, 3 October 2008

Diwali The Festival of Lights

Well... the bright lights of Leicester are all blinking behind us now. Which is a shame because it's Diwali soon and Leicester is supposed to have the biggest Diwali celebration in the UK... we are praying we will be in India by the 28th for Diwali celebrations big time!

The last few days have been a bizarre mix of calm and chaos. We are one step closer but still in limbo land. There is still no date set and emotions are being drowned in melancholy.

I've been lurking around my google reader and watching your lives move on 'business as usual', but feeling quite numb to the world of blogging. I'm leaving you all comments in my head (can you hear them?) but right now it's not that I don't have time (I have too much) but my energy has gone on holiday without me.

I read a book. I haven't read a book for a long time. If I start a book then I can't put it down until it's finished, so life gets put on hold. I only have one fiction book at the moment, so I read it again before I give it back. 

'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini is a beautifully written book, just like his first, 'The Kite Runner'. It's books like this that bring my simple life into perspective. I'm lucky and I really have nothing to complain about. It's as simple as that.

Angel has a horrible cold, runny nose and is miserable.
C is outside working in the cold, helping my Dad lay a path, missing his family and is melancholic and miserable.
I have hurt my back either through lifting boxes or stress or both (I should have listened to you Jack) and I am miserable.

But we are safe, together, free and alive.
I'm grateful for that..

Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil and it is also about new beginnings...


Kum ba ya my Lord, kum ba ya,
Oh Lord, kum ba ya

Someone's crying, Lord, kum ba ya,
Oh Lord, kum ba ya

Someone's singing, Lord, kum ba ya,
Oh Lord, kum ba ya

Someone's praying, Lord, kum ba ya,
Oh Lord, kum ba ya


Jade of the Jungle said...

Oh no no no no, I am NOT going to let you be miserable! The sun is shining (I hope it is where you are!) and you are on the cusp of getting everything you've dreamed of. How I envy you!

OK so it's a bit of a tedious wait but that doesn't mean you shouldn't live in the moment and enjoy being here. Who was it that said life is what happens when you're busy making other plans? Don't let waiting sap your energy, be 100% in the here and now.

Someone has sent me details of loads of volunteer social enterprise projects in India which you might be interested in. I was going to forward them on to you via email when you were less stressed with the moving :)

Hope the back and Angel's nose is better soon. Pilates and Kleenex Supersoft.

Jade xxx

laura @ mover to portugal said...

Hi emma, sorry you're feeling like this but it won't be long now, keep smiling :)

You're right about that book, the best book I've read for a long, long time. Makes you think just how lucky we all really are

Kel said...

take the time of limbo to enjoy your family and give super woman a break for a bit. read another book.

Catz said...

Aw Emma! Chin up it will soon sort out and be worth the wait. Hope your sweet little girl feels better soon!

love Catz x

chaiselongue said...

Don't be miserable - use the limbo time to conserve your energy for what you want to do. And I hope you'll be in India for Diwali! Good luck!!!

Teena said...

Hi emmani...Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becomming a follower, truely chuffed. You certainly are a breath of fresh air even during you "moving stress" xox

Jack said...

Remember, you can't make any progress with any type of transition (physical and/or emotional) without some apprehension and a little bit of drama. It's why the light always shines brighter once you get to the other side. Stay strong, focus on your goal and before long there will be plenty of light.

Take care,



Lizzie said...

Come on Emmani, relax into the moment. Plan to look back to the days with pleasure, it will soon be all behind you.


emmani said...

I know I know... I'm whinging and you are all thinking I'm mad... I am just the most impatient person in the world. I really appreciate your comments and I guess like all my blogging friends, some of my posts are a cry for help and encouragement, which thankfully you are all sooooo good at giving.

I'm in a lot of pain right now as my neck/back/shoulders have seized up. I can't get into any comfortable position and I feel useless. I'm balancing my laptop in some peculiar ways! (be quiet emma, your whinging again!)

If it wasn't for all of you I would be even more miserable, so thank you x...

I'm following the light now...

Sharon J said...

It's only natural you're going to feel a bit down when everything's up in the air the way it is but as they say in Norway "when you have a mountain to climb, the only way is up".

This is all part of the adventure.

notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com said...

I think this must be such a time of limbo, I really hope you are where you want to be by the 28th.

That book is one of my all time favourites!

PG said...

And happy Diwali! And I ENVY you that you'll be in India to celebrate it. :)
wish you all the very best!