Big Green Gathering...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

"The Big Green Gathering is an award winning festival. It features just about all you can image in the areas of sustainability, organic and eco-friendly living. It’s THE festival for entertainment and education for sustainability. From music, farming, crafts, ethical campaigns, permaculture, markets, fairground fun, sustainable homes, organic food, a village green kids area, green enterprise and business fields this festival has all the resources to learn and enjoy green living."

I haven't been to a festival for years. I finally decided it was time to go, Angel is old enough to enjoy it, we had a group of six of us and two little girls, one large tipi and lots of fun to be had.

We chose the Big Green Gathering, because it is the largest 'Green' festival in Europe and of course we wanted to support this. It is also child friendly and music shuts down at 12am, giving you at least some chance of a good nights sleep.

The festival is generated by solar and wind power and every possible eco way of running you could think of. It's been going for the last 15 years and every year becomes more and more eco friendly.

So why am I not packing?

They cancelled it. Due to "political pressure".

"Festival directors today accused the police of taking a politically motivated decision to shut down the festival on the grounds that it attracts environmental activists and would have raised money for a major climate change demonstration, Climate Camp, to be held next month."
- The Guardian

Here is an article from The Guardian and another showing support from The Green Party.

...My thoughts and comments on this issue will remain in my head!


Quail said...

A lot of green companies are new and small in size. Events like the Green Gathering does rely on a network of smaller businesses to come and join the festival...for example someone with a cart who sells organic espresso. Most green companies are hanging on by their fingernails in the recession so the uptake of traders wanting to come to the festival (and pay a traders fee to the organisers) was limited. I think this also contributed to the cancellation.

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