...Are They Fading Away?

Monday, 20 July 2009

A boy waves at Bob Geldof from a cloud of dust in northern Ethiopia, May 2003.
Photo: Eddie Mulholland

"I'm walking empty fields and bare hills of a ruined land amongst ruined people.
Over pastries the very important world leaders ruminate and consider our world and their pathetic plans for it.
The people I am with in Ethiopia will not be in those plans. The leaders will break for their coffee and the children here will wait for their handful of grain.
The leaders will resume their very, very important talks and these children will resume dying.
I'll walk on and you will finish reading this and turn the page.
Somewhere along the line all of us got things very, very wrong."

Bob Geldof - "Geldof in Africa". Published in 2005.

(I read this as I drank my coffee and ate my pain au chocolat...)


Andrea said...

argh. you break my heart